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SmartGlobalHealth.org is the website for the Global Health Policy Center at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C.  The Global Health Policy Center is a leading policy research institution focused on building bipartisan awareness about global health and its importance to U.S. national security.

What is smart global health policy?

  • It is about taking a fresh look.
  • It is an approach that systematically builds Smart Power – the careful integration of all instruments of U.S. influence that can effectively restore U.S. standing in the world and advance U.S. national interests.
  • It is strategic, long-term and grounded in realism and hope. It is about hard choices.
  • It is an approach that looks beyond conventional wisdom. It takes a new, independent look at our capacities and constraints.
  • It is about finding ways to surmount enduring challenges.
  • It is about preserving the human dimension of health that inspires action.
  • It gives top priority to effective prevention, averting high-cost outcomes, and measuring impacts.
  • It seeks policies that are sustainable, integrated, efficient, balanced, data-driven, and able to leverage a wide range of partners.

The CSIS Global Health Policy Center

The Global Health Policy Center's goal is to work with diverse stakeholders to make U.S. global health efforts more strategic, integrated, and sustainable over the long-term.  The Center has played a key role in shaping successful U.S. global health efforts over the last decade by working directly with policymakers, partnering with developing country experts, and convening influential, high-level working groups like the HIV/AIDS Task Force and the Commission on Smart Global Health Policy. 

Across the entire spectrum of the Center's work, there is a common goal of generating new content and analyses in a bipartisan fashion to shape U.S. policy approaches on global health.  The Center conducts ongoing research on multiple facets of U.S. global health policy and brings policymakers to CSIS for in-depth discussions on global health engagement in such settings as the CSIS Forum on Advancing U.S. Leadership in Global Health and its debate series,  Fault Lines in Global Health.

Our Work

This is a challenging but also opportune time in U.S. history. The exceptional array of prominent opinion leaders has the capacity to leverage its collective insights in shaping U.S. global health efforts by defining goals and priorities for the next decade and beyond, articulating guiding principles for U.S. action, and identifying the elements essential to a long-term implementation strategy.

The Global Health Policy Center is undertaking research to strengthen U.S. global health policy in four key areas.

  • U.S. Global Health Programs
  • Health and Security
  • Global Health Diplomacy
  • Health and Development


The Center originally established SmartGlobalHealth.org as a vehicle of the Commission on Smart Global Health Policy, to disseminate the Commission's work and to engage with its audience.  However with the Commission culminating its work in 2010, SmartGlobalHealth.org continues to be the website of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center.  The website helps to broaden the community of supporters for global health and acts as a forum for new and exciting voices in the field.  In addition to our social media outreach through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, SmartGlobalHealth.org hosts dynamic interactive content such as Reflections from J. Stephen Morrison and the Healthy Dialogues blog.  We encourage you to join the conversation.

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