Get Involved: The Commission Report

Report of the CSIS Commission on Smart Global Health Policy

A healthier, safer, and more prosperous world

This report marks the culmination of nine months of deliberation by the Commission — a group formed to develop actionable recommendations for a long-term U.S. strategic approach to global health.

The commission met for the first time on April 21, 2009 with a firm belief:

The United States can better the lives of the world's citizens and advance its own interests by investing strategically in global health-even at a time of global economic recession and exceptional domestic challenges.

One year later, we remain convinced not only of this statement's veracity, but of its urgency. But truly remarkable gains for global health will only be achieved through a smart, long-term U.S. approach that harnesses all of America's assets and expertise-in better partnerships with friends and allies.

The Commission was an experiment. At the outset, we wondered whether two dozen diverse individuals-accomplished opinion leaders and high-level strategists of varied political stripes, drawn from backgrounds in business, finance, Congress, media, philanthropy, foreign affairs, security, government, and public health-could reach consensus on a long-term plan for the United States to save and enhance the lives of millions of people around the world through global health.

We have not answered all the questions that emerged, nor have we devised perfect solutions. But we believe we have put forward a compelling, concrete, and pragmatic plan of action.

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Download the Full Report

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